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Jon Wickham & Associates is an equipment repair company in North Texas that fixes the equipment on tow trucks. 

Our firm is dedicated solely to equipment repair, to the exclusion of truck sales, paint and body work, and dress-up work.  By concentrating only on repair of the "earning" parts of your truck, we provide you the greatest investment return for each dollar you expend here.

In addition, Jon Wickham & Associates is unique in that we are the only tow-truck repair company in North Texas that remains proudly unaffiliated with any of the major manufacturers of tow trucks.  Since we're not a dealer for them, we're able to make sure that no bureaucratic organization can compromise the integrity of the transaction between you, the customer, and us, the repair company. 

We have as a goal a different way of doing business:  one of lasting value, long-term professional relationships, and an uplifting work environment.